Product Development Partner

Companies seek out RMB as a product development partner when they are looking for innovative thinking coupled with flawless execution. Our many long-term clients trust our expertise with embedded systems development from the initial concept stage all the way through to end-of-life support–or anywhere in between.

Our technical expertise:

  • Analyzing complex problems
  • Finding innovative approaches for a competitive edge
  • Implementing solutions in hardware, real time firmware, and PC software

Complete Understanding Yields Complete Solutions

Our approach is different from most companies. We sit down with you to really understand your business, your market place, and the regulatory environment.

We ask the tough questions:

  • What market opportunity are you trying to exploit?
  • Where is the product’s niche?
  • Is this a new concept or an improvement on an existing product?
  • What are the key selling points—functionality, power consumption, price, size?

Embedded Systems Design with a Custom Fit

Once we understand these issues, we move on to the more traditional topics, such as the key technical problems, costs, and time scales. After agreement on the details, we tailor the development process to your technical, budgetary, and regulatory needs.

Examples of Our Work

The proof that our approach works is that all of our new clients have become repeat clients. Here are some case studies from recent product design work: