Repeat Customers

It’s no coincidence that every product development customer of ours has hired us again. To help you understand why, here is what you can expect from us.


It is the core of our job. If you are looking for someone to reduce something to a PCB or firmware, then you have many options. If you are looking for someone to offer innovative suggestions on how to improve your ideas—and then execute the ideas in a professional and disciplined manner—then RMB Consulting should be your first choice.


We are acknowledged experts in our field, and we use our expertise to develop innovative, cost effective solutions for our clients on time and on budget.


At RMB we understand that we have to deliver value to our clients. You will find that we regularly initiate discussions centered on minimizing your risk and costs while maximizing your returns. We do this because we want you back as a repeat client.

Intellectual Property

The work we do is considered “work-for-hire.” To put it plainly, if you paid for it, you own it. We are of course more than happy to work with you to pursue patent filings and to help defend any intellectual property we have developed on your behalf.


For us to do our job, it is usually necessary that we become privy to confidential information. We approach this in two ways: formally via a non-disclosure agreement, and informally by respecting your property and overall well being.


We believe in developing long-term relationships with our clients based upon mutual trust. To underscore our commitment to this, all relevant documentation such as design files, source code, schematics, and art work are stored in an online, version-controlled repository to which you have unfettered access throughout the development process. Whenever files are updated, you receive email notification of the changes. This allows you to clearly see what work is being done and by whom. Furthermore when a simple change is required years later, you have the option of simply checking the file out yourself and implementing the change or having us do it.

Long Term Support

RMB Consulting was incorporated in 1995 and we are pleased to say that we are still providing support for work that we did ten or more years ago. Many companies find support irksome. We do not because not only does it allow us to learn more about your products and marketplace, but also because our commitment to your long term success is instrumental in making you a repeat client.