Embedded Systems Consulting for Engineering Management

Engineering management sometimes needs an outside perspective on an in-house design. We provide an antidote to the problem of “group think” with our fresh point of view. Turn to us for:

  • Solving specific technical problems
  • Reviewing designs
  • Recommending tools, architectures, and products
  • Interviewing for key engineering positions

Embedded Systems Consulting for Venture Capital

Prior to investing in a company, a prudent venture capitalist will seek out independent technical advice concerning its proposed investment. We address such issues as:

  • Is the technology “for real?”
  • Are the company principals competent?
  • How well developed is the technology?

Embedded Systems Consulting for Law Firms

Law firms retain RMB on a short-term basis when they require an opinion about a specific technological issue. Tasks that we have taken on include:

  • Patent infringement and patent avoidance
  • Forensic analysis
  • Anton Piller (search and seizure) enforcement support