Satellite TV

Network Privacy

When DISH Network needed expert help in analyzing satellite TV receivers that were suspected of being designed for TV piracy, they turned to RMB’s president Nigel Jones for help. DISH Network knew of Mr. Jones from his work and testimony as an opposing witness in earlier litigation.

The distributors of the receivers in question alleged the product had a legitimate use. However, it was known the receivers were widely used for DISH Network piracy. Thus the essential question to be answered was, “Is there evidence to either support or disprove the hypothesis that these receivers were designed explicitly for piracy?” The analysis involved studying the hardware in the receivers, together with the factory and pirate firmware. Extensive knowledge of both hardware and firmware was needed, together a very good understanding of manufacturing methods.

To date Mr. Jones has generated detailed reports in support of multiple cases in both the USA and Canada. The first case settled shortly after the submission of his report, with an agreed judgment in the amount of $106m being entered, along with a permanent injunction barring any further importation, distribution or other trafficking in the illicit receivers.