Advanced SCUBA Equipment


Expanding the Market

Until recently closed circuit underwater breathing apparatus, commonly referred to as rebreathers, have been reserved purely for technical and military divers. Poseidon Diving Systems wanted to bring rebreathers to the recreational dive market, but lacked the in-house expertise to do so. Therefore they approached our client Stone Aerospace for help. Stone Aerospace promptly recommended that RMB be brought into the project to provide electronics and firmware expertise.

Re-inventing the Rebreather

Poseidon’s concept was audacious in scope. Execution required innovation and expertise on a higher level than competing products. During the initial brain storming session, RMB made critical contributions that surpassed industry norms. This innovation resulted in multiple patent filings and many trade secrets. The design consists of a distributed network of processors, together with a smart battery charger. In all, RMB designed six separate PCBs, wrote 134,000 lines of embedded code, and provided hundreds of pages of technical documentation to support CE certification.

Best in Class

The Poseidon Diving Systems MKVI rebreather was successfully launched and is finding wide and enthusiastic support in the market place. Its technical innovations have caused both consternation and admiration in the industry, and have firmly established Poseidon as the market leader.