Infrared Moisture Gauge

Measurement Challenges

Sensortech Systems has long been the leader in moisture measurement using RF technology. When they decided to expand their product offerings to include an online moisture gauge based upon near-infrared adsorption, they knew they needed a partner who could handle a wide range of technical problems including very low level signal measurement, brushless DC motor control, and complex computational algorithms. There were also challenges dealing with a plethora of connectivity options including TCP/IP, IrDA, and the usual field bus protocols such as DeviceNet, Profibus and Modbus.

Understanding the Industry

RMB crafted a solution that was half the size of competing products while offering dramatically more functionality at a significantly lower cost. We were cognizant that commissioning costs of online instrumentation can be significant, and so we incorporated a level of diagnostics that was previously unheard of in the industry.

Leading the Way

The IR3000 has been the key to the tremendous growth of Sensortech’s MoistTech division. It has been the foundation upon which subsequent products have been based and it continues to lead the industry today.