Crack Monitoring

Enhancing Stability

The monitoring of cracks in steel infrastructure presents some unique technical challenges. Each monitored structure needs dozens or even hundreds of sensor and each sensor needs to be sampled at a high frequency. Continue reading

Advanced SCUBA Equipment

Expanding the Market

Until recently closed circuit underwater breathing apparatus, commonly referred to as rebreathers, have been reserved purely for technical and military divers. Poseidon Diving Systems wanted to bring rebreathers to... Continue reading

Infrared Moisture Gauge

Measurement Challenges

Sensortech Systems has long been the leader in moisture measurement using RF technology. When they decided to expand their product offerings to include an online moisture gauge based upon near-infrared adsorption... Continue reading

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

To the Moon

As part of NASA’s planetary robotics program, Stone Aerospace was selected by NASA to develop an autonomous underwater robot capable of mapping its environment on the fly and using this map to return home. Continue reading

Magnetic Locator

Testing the Waters

When Schonstedt Instrument Company decided to introduce its GA-92XTd magnetic locator, it didn't know if the radical mechanical design would be a big success or not. To minimize their development costs they... Continue reading

Diesel Burner Controller

The Need for Custom Design

For many years Babington Technology had used an off-the-shelf controller for its Airtronic diesel burner. The US military was using it extensively as part of their field feeding systems, but it had several weaknesses... Continue reading

Product Approval Testing

Last Minute Emergency

When a major pharmaceutical company ran into an unexpected problem shortly before a new product was to be submitted for approval testing, they turned to RMB for an independent review of the proposed solution. Continue reading

Venture Capital

Examining Intellectual Property

A group of private investors were interested in purchasing a small technology company with very interesting intellectual property related to secure printing mechanisms. RMB was asked to... Continue reading

Circuit Board Manufacturing

Copyright Theft

A Canadian printed circuit board manufacturer was suspected of knowingly participating in the manufacture of electronic devices designed to enable theft of copyrighted materials. An Anton Piller order... Continue reading

Satellite TV

Network Privacy

When DISH Network needed expert help in analyzing satellite TV receivers that were suspected of being designed for TV piracy, they turned to RMB’s president Nigel Jones for help. DISH Network knew of Mr. Jones from... Continue reading